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本AE模板是由Videohive机构出品的美妙婚纱婚礼AE模板,VideoHive Wedding Intro & Wedding Slideshow 4764921 Project for After Effects,大小:648 MB,格式:AEP,分辨率:1920x1080,使用软件版本:After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC。

VideoHive Wedding Intro & Wedding Slideshow 4764921 Project for After Effects

This After Effects project is perfect for displaying wedding photos in a slideshow or intro format. It is dynamic, with many options, including: sketch/paint/standard image; the ability to add, remove or rearrange shots; and includes multiple edits.

Full 1920×1080 HD

Video Tutorial

Numerous Edits, including: Slideshow (1:30), Slideshow Extended (3:00), Intro, Invitation, Credits

No Plug-ins Needed (Includes plugin version, for those who wish to make adjustments)

Completely Modular. Use only the shots you like. Add, Remove or Arrange the shots to fit your needs. Includes 222 total shots, 165 placeholders & 57 text only shots. Any edit can be extended well beyond the current duration.

100% After Effects

Easy Setup

Includes Sketch, Paint, or Standard Image options. Easy to setup the style of your choice, or to change later on.


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