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本AE模板是由RevoStock机构出品的宝贵婚礼相册动画AE模板,RevoStock Our Precious Wedding Album 412783 Project for After Effects,大小:230 MB,格式:AEP,分辨率:1920x1080,使用软件版本:After Effects CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC。

RevoStock Our Precious Wedding Album 412783 Project for After Effects

Another breathtaking, elegant, and one of a kind wedding project. With this project, you can insert up to 18 photos, 18 video footages, and 8 text titles. This one comes with breathtaking rose frame designs, animated flourishes, butterflies, spectacular revealing photos, and stunning particles. This project can be used for commercials, weddings, anniversaries, and love stories. On this project, everything can be edited. This comes with pre-comps, so that you can easily add, customize your photos, video footage, and text. Music is included, but footage is NOT INCLUDED.


资源名称: 宝贵婚礼相册动画AE模板

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