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本书籍是由3D Total机构出品的V-Ray 3dsMax室内渲染手册书籍。

VRay是由chaosgroup和asgvis公司出品的一款高质量渲染软件。VRay是目前业界最受欢迎的渲染引擎。基于V-Ray 内核开发的有VRay for 3ds max、Maya、Sketchup、Rhino等诸多版本,为不同领域的优秀3D建模软件提供了高质量的图片和动画渲染。除此之外,VRay也可以提供单独的渲染程序,方便使用者渲染各种图片。

3D Total Introduction to V-Ray Parisienne Apartment

Welcome to the Introduction to V-Ray (for 3ds Max) – Parisienne Apartment eBook tutorial series which will cover all the key parameters of V-Ray: global illumination, materials, lighting and more. We will look in-depth at each setting – how it works, what repercussions it has – and we will also take a peek at some of the special features that V-Ray has to offer. If you’ve ever had any doubts about how to get into V-Ray, or you simply would just like to know a little more about a particular section of the software, this eBook series is for you!


- VRay Global Illumination

- VRay Materials + Textures

- VRay Settings

- VRay Lights

- VRay Plugins


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