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本视频教程是由cgcookie机构出品的Blender科幻赛车建模书籍,大小:129.04 MB,格式:PDF高清,语言:英语。。


Blender Cookie Modeling a Pod Racer in Blender Citizen eBook

Hi Guys, My name is Alex Telford and in this series making of, we will be modelling a high poly pod racer based on a design by concept artist Josh Nixon. This series is designed for intermediate to advanced users covering key techniques required when modelling vehicles such as the use of good topology and modifiers. If you are new to blender please consider checking out the getting started section before attempting this overview.

For those who do not know what a pod racer is, or haven’t looked at one up close, I highly recommend searching pod racer for some close up references, and ideas.You may also wish to look up other repulsor-lift vehicles to see the general design.

Our pod racer is a sci-fi vehicle, so we can adjust and add things to improve our style, while defying the laws of physics, and still keeping it as a semi-believable contraption.


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