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本书籍是关于Photoshop CC学习指南书籍,Photoshop CC For Dummies,大小:87 MB,PDF高清格式,使用软件:Photoshop CC,共448页,语言:英语。


Photoshop CC For Dummies

Stretch your creativity beyond the cloud with this fully-updated Photoshop guide!

Photoshop puts amazing design and photo-editing tools in the hands of creative professionals and hobbyists everywhere, and the latest version – Photoshop CC – is packed with even more powerful tools to help you manage and enhance your images. This friendly, full-color guide introduces you to the basics of Photoshop CC and provides clear explanations of the menus, panels, tools, options, and shortcuts you’ll use the most. Plus, you’ll learn valuable tips for fixing common photo flaws, improving color quality, adjusting brightness, removing unwanted background elements, and more.

Covers the new Photoshop CC release which brings even more features to over four million photographers, graphic designers, web developers, and other Photoshop professionals

Teaches the essentials for first-time users before moving on to more advanced techniques like removing blemishes and wrinkles, creating composite images, and working with layers, filters, levels, and curves

Walks you through adjusting brightness, enhancing color, adding shadows and highlights, decreasing digital noise, taking advantage of Camera Raw, and optimizing your images for print and the web


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