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本书籍是关于Photoshop CS6 高级技巧训练书籍,Advanced Adobe Photoshop CS6 Revealed,大小:168 MB,格式:PDF高清,共576页,语言:英语。


Advanced Adobe Photoshop CS6 Revealed

Discover all that Photoshop CS6 has to offer with Advanced Adobe Photoshop CS6 Revealed. This book teaches advanced design techniques using one of the most popular photo-editing programs on the market. Using step-by-step tutorials, you work with curves, levels, blending modes, painting and drawing tools, and the latest Photoshop special effects to create professional-quality designs and images. You are challenged not only as a Photoshop user but as a designer, following the steps a designer would take to complete real-world projects. You also see what works in a design and what doesn’t. You then take your craft to the next level by using the advanced end-of-chapter learning projects. The Data Files used to complete the projects found in the book are now available online. For access information please refer to the directions available in the preface of the book.


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