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本书籍是关于Photoshop图层技术训练书籍,The adobe photoshop layers book,大小:43 MB,PDF高清,共280页,语言:英语。

The adobe photoshop layers book

Layers are the building blocks for working in Photoshop. With the correct use of the Layers Tool, you can edit individual components of your images nondestructively to ensure that your end result is a combination of the best parts of your work. Despite how important it is for successful Photoshop work, the Layers Tool is one of the most often misused and misunderstood features within this powerful software program. This book will show you absolutely everything you need to know to work with layers, including how to use masks, blending, modes and layer management. You’ll learn professional techniques as you become completely familiar with the power of layers as an organizational, correction, and revision tool that will quickly become an essential part of your overall Photoshop workflow.


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