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本教程是由Lynda机构出品的Photoshop CS6摄影师-掌握Camera Raw插件教程,教程涵盖了Camera Raw CS7的功能与工具的讲解,同时展示了具体的新的工作流程,以加深理解。

Camera Raw是Adobe随Photoshop一同提供的RAW图像处理工具,专门用来处理各大相机厂商数码相机输出的的RAW 格式文件。

Lynda Photoshop CS6 for Photographers Camera Raw 7

This course provides in-depth training on Camera Raw 7, the Photoshop CS6 component that enables photographers to open and manipulate raw format images. Raw images are minimally processed in the camera; they’re effectively the exact data recorded by the camera’s sensor. Author Chris Orwig shows you how to control a raw image's appearance—exposure, shadow and highlight detail, color balance, and sharpness—with far more precision than is possible with JPEG images. The course also introduces the new workflow procedures and technical concepts and issues associated with raw content, so that photographers can best leverage this powerful format.


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