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本教程是由Lynda机构出品的Photoshop相片校正修复教程,大小:1.14 GB,附工程源文件,MOV视频格式,教程使用软件:Photoshop,语言:英语。

Photoshop是Adobe公司旗下最为出名的图像处理软件之一,集图像扫描、编辑修改、图像制作、广告创意,图像输入与输出于一体的图形图像处理软件,深受广大平面设计人员和电脑美术爱好者的喜爱。 Nondestructive Exposure and Color Correction with Photoshop

Every photographer has looked at a photo and been disappointed that it didn’t convey the original scene. This course reveals how to use Adobe Photoshop to enhance the color, contrast, and sharpness of a photograph. Using tools from adjustment layers to filters, discover how to nondestructively transform your photos. The course also covers how to work with raw images and perform special-case adjustments such as color matching and tinting


Topics include:

Performing an image-correction triage

Cloning to an empty layer

Using adjustment layers

Opening a raw file as a smart object

Making selective adjustments

Recovering the detail in skies

Fixing exposure

Saving time with Auto Tone and Auto Contrast

Adjusting hue and saturation

Controlling adjustment layers with masks

Adjusting shadows and highlights

Converting an image to black and white


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