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本教程是由Lynda机构出品的Photoshop CS6基础训练教程,时长:9小时25分,教程使用软件:Photoshop CS6,附工程源文件,大小:3.51 GB,MP4视频格式,作者:Deke McClelland,官方发布时间:2012年7月20日。

Photoshop是Adobe公司旗下最为出名的图像处理软件之一,集图像扫描、编辑修改、图像制作、广告创意,图像输入与输出于一体的图形图像处理软件,深受广大平面设计人员和电脑美术爱好者的喜爱。 Photoshop CS6 One-on-One Intermediate

In this course, industry pro Deke McClelland teaches you how to build on your basic knowledge and achieve next-level effects in the premiere image-editing program from Adobe, Photoshop CS6. Discover how to seamlessly move and patch areas of a photo with the Content-Aware toolset; stretch the brightness of a scene with automatic and custom Levels adjustments; create intricate designs with text and shapes; and morph an image with layer effects and transformations. Deke also shares his techniques for sharpening details, whether addressing noise and highlight/shadow clipping or camera shake, and converting a full-color image to black-and-white. The final chapters show you how to best print and save images for the web, making sure all your hard work pays off in the final output.


Topics include:

Performing automatic retouch, scaling, and more with the Content-Aware tools

Editing the histogram

Customizing a Levels adjustment

Making channel-by-channel Levels adjustments

Sharpening with the Smart Sharpen, Emboss, and High Pass filters

Working with vector-based type

Kerning and tracking characters

Creating text on a path

Drawing and customizing shapes

Creating depth, contour, and texture with layer effects

Liquifying an image

Simulating an infrared photo

Adjusting print position, size, and color

Creating the perfect JPEG image

Downsampling for the web

《Photoshop CS6基础训练教程》 Photoshop CS6 One on One Fundamentals



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