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本教程是由amazon机构出品的Professional Photoshop Tone, Exposure & Color Correction DVD,Photoshop曝光与色彩校正教程,时长:2小时,大小:4.14 GB,DVD视频格式,语言:英语。


此次CS6系列采用了最新的“Mercury Graphics Engine”设计开发引擎,其最新的内容识别技术可帮助用户更加精准的完成图片编辑。另外,CS6还为用户提供了一些新的选择工具和全新的软件UI,用户可完全摆脱代码的束缚而创造属于自己的HTML5标准网页

Professional Photoshop Tone, Exposure & Color Correction DVD

Improve and enhance black and white and color photographic images quickly and easily. Exposure errors and faded photographs are now a thing of the past. Accurately adjusting skin tone, removing colorcasts and color correction are essential skills in digital photography. Add to the richness of a photograph with color enhancement and dramatic lighting effects. Now you can apply these professional techniques, step-by-step to your photographs and digital image creations.


Topics include:-

Evaluate Image Tonality

Adjust Image Tone and Contrast

Improve Highlights and Shadows

Restore and Repair Faded Photographs

Apply Color Correction Techniques

Exposure Compensation and Correction

Color and Lighting Enhancement

Bring your imagery to life by properly adjusting tone, contrast and color. Transform flat & faded photographs into images that pop right off the page!


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