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本视频教程是由ConceptCookie机构出品的PPhotoshop人物造型绘画技巧视频教程,ConceptCookie Creating Characters Where to Start,大小:33 MB,MP4高清视频格式,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:Photoshop CS6,作者:Tim Von Rueden,语言:英语。


ConceptCookie Creating Characters Where to Start

Welcome to this tutorial on Where to begin on Creating Characters.

In this course Tim Von Rueden takes you through the steps on creating characters through the 3 different aspects: technical, aesthetic, and character. Each aspect has 4 topics each that are discussed in each tutorial. Each character that is created should have thought and intention behind it. Otherwise you may end up with characters that feel one dimensional or generic.

Each row of our resouces tackles a different stage of character concept art. The top row goes through the technical aspects, and these are the most important to learn first, these give you the fundamentals you need to move forward with creating characters. The second row goes through the aesthetic aspects, these treat your characters as a composition, thinking about it as art, rather than just a concept piece. The third row goes through the character aspects and this is what creates individuals with a personality rather than just bland generic characters.

This tutorial is the direct result from being the number one requested tutorial from the second week of this month’s November Citizen Tutorial Request Month. If you would like to see a tutorial you have in mind to make the next week’s (the last one!) top tutorial, vote on the poll on our Deviantart Page.

As a Citizen member you get access to the complete streaming course, and the ability to download each individual video. The resources in this course include each part’s HD video.

What you’ll learn in this tutorial series

In this course we will go through the entire process of understanding character dynamics from the fundamentals of character art! Characters are a tricky subject matter and this course will hopefully give you some fundamentals to build a process to think about when going about creating them. Characters are more than just a single element of art, you have to think about the character and give it personality as well. This is what separates well thought out characters and ones that are not.

Note: the introduction is freely available for anyone to view to help give you a better preview of the course, Enjoy!


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