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Unity Mobile Game Development: Communication with Notification Center


this Unity tutorial, we’ll learn various ways our scripts can access and talk to

each other. We'll begin the tutorial by learning about all the built-in methods

Unity gives us to talk between scripts and between objects. We'll learn the how

to find and access scripts on any game object using either direct connections,

finding the object or the physics system. Finally we'll examine how a script can

call methods on many other scripts using the messaging system in Unity. Each of

these methods has limitations, so next we'll introduce the 3rd party script

'Notification Center' which acts as a central hub for easily communicating

between multiple scripts. We'll learn how to post a new notification, how to

observe a notification and how to pass data through the Notification Center.

We'll wrap everything up by examining each of these methods and discuss which we

should use in various situations. Understanding how our scripts will talk to

each other lets us break our game into many script components, while still

creating the functionality we need with the least amount of effort.


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