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本教程是由CGCookie机构出品的Blender制作广告饮料瓶教程,教程使用软件:Blender 2.6,大小:355.26 MB,MP4视频格式,语言:英语。


CGCookie Rendering a Drink Can in Blender with Cycles Exclusive

In this video tutorial for Blender 2.6, Jonathan Williamson will take you through the steps needed to render a very cool product advertising shot of the fictional CG Cookie Essence drink can in Blender with Cycles.

Through this tutorial you will learn how to use mesh light in Cycles to illuminate your scene; including fill lights, key lights, rim lights, and more. You will be shown how to set up better metal shaders with the node system and how to add bump maps to your shaders. You will also learn how to separate parts of your scene out to different render layers for complete control of the lighting and composition of your scene. Finally, you will also learn how to use the different render layers to composite the different parts back together, make color adjustments, add filters, and fine tune your final image through the node compositing system.


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