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本视频教程是由cmiVFX机构出品的Blender阴影与毛皮技术视频教程,cmiVFX Blender Shading and Fur,时长:1小时35分,大小:395.68 MB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Blender,作者:Chris Maynard,Sebastian Koenig,官方发布日期:2011年11月30日,语言:英语。。


cmiVFX Blender Shading and Fur

That’s right, we found the cure for baldness! (Among digital creatures anyway)

In this training video you will learn how to create, comb, shade and render realistic looking hair by making use of Blender’s often underestimated, yet extremely powerful particle-system. With Blender’s hair-creating capabilities, you can take your creatures to the next level. because even the best model will look dull without some decent fur. This tutorial will explain the essential tools and settings that you need to cover our mammoth with some dirty, woolly, fuzzy fur.


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