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本视频教程是由Infiniteskills机构出品的FlashCS6基础训练视频教程,Infiniteskills Learning Adobe Flash CS6 Training Video,时长:8小时45分,大小:923 MB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Flash CS6,作者:Geoff Blake,官方发布日期:2012年8月14日,共14个章节,语言:英语。

Flash是由macromedia公司推出的交互式矢量图和 Web 动画的标准,由Adobe公司收购。网页设计者使用 Flash 创作出既漂亮又可改变尺寸的导航界面以及其他奇特的效果。Flash的前身是Future Wave公司的Future Splash,是世界上第一个商用的二维矢量动画软件,用于设计和编辑Flash文档。1996年11月,美国Macromedia公司收购了Future Wave,并将其改名为Flash。在出到Flash 8以后,Macromedia又被Adobe公司收购。Flash通常也指Macromedia Flash Player(现Adobe Flash Player)。

Infiniteskills Learning Adobe Flash CS6 Training Video

In this training course for Adobe Flash CS6, experienced trainer and author Geoff Blake introduces you to Flash, and how you can use it for your design projects. Flash is a multimedia platform that can be used for everything from playing movies, to creating animations, to creating fully interactive games.

You will start with the absolute basics in this training video, getting comfortable with the interface and tool locations within the software. You will quickly delve into working with the drawing tools, playing with shapes and colours, and how to manage objects. You will learn how to work with text, create and manage symbols and how to work with the Flash CS6 library. As your knowledge grows, Geoff introduces you to the power of animation within Flash using keyframes, timelines, tweening and more. This video tutorial closes out with a short tutorial on ActionScript, and how to publish your projects from Flash CS6.

By the conclusion of this computer based training course for Adobe Flash CS6, you will be fully comfortable with the basic tools and techniques in Flash, and capable of creating and publishing dazzling Flash projects! Working files are included to allow you to work alongside the author as he covers each subject throughout this training course.


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