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本视频教程是由curiousturtle机构出品的Mocha项目应用视频教程,Curious Turtle Mocha Projects Real-World Solutions with Imagineer Systems Mocha,时长:3小时,大小:6.08 GB,MP4高清视频,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:mocha Pro ,共13个章节,语言:英语。。

Mocha一款独立的2D跟踪软件,基于图形独特的2.5平面跟踪系统. mocha 作为一种高成本的有效跟踪解决方案,具有多种功能,产生二维立体跟踪能力,即使在最艰难的短片拍摄,可也节省大量时间和金钱.mocha是一个单独的二维跟踪工具软件,它可以使影视特效合成艺术家的生活变得更容易,以便减少压力.mocha致力于商业、电影、企业影片后制作的一款工具,它的直觉画面,简单易学用,工业标准2.5D平面的追踪技术,比起使用传统工具,它提供比透过传统工具的制作方法还要快3-4倍的速度,建立高品质影片。

magineer Systems宣布了其最新的64位视觉特效软件mocha Pro,可以立即安装使用。凭借超过8年的工程研究和开发,mocha Pro能够给数字媒体艺术家提供强大的、直观的和创新的追踪解决方案用简化的界面、加速的工作流程以及轻松追踪和操作镜头的强大性,这些都不同于传统解决方案。mocha Pro是一款理想的电影/视频后期制作、创意动画和2D、3D互转的特效工具。

mocha Pro继承了获奖软件mocha的优势,能够提供平面追踪(planar tracking)和抠像工具(rotoscoping tools)。除此之外,它还增加了面向运动匹配的合成工具、自动图像和钢丝擦除、镜头扭曲校正和稳定工具,能够将所有的功能都集成到一个特效工具集中。通过将最好的产品mokey 和monet结合到一起,Imagineer现在提供了一款具有所有功能的工具。mocha Pro的清除模块是行业中独一无二的,可以用来绘画、克隆和手动追踪。

Curious Turtle Mocha Projects Real-World Solutions with Imagineer Systems Mocha

Curious Turtle have done it again with the latest in mocha training tutorials - mocha Projects : Real-world Solutions with Imagineer Systems mocha & mocha Pro. It starts with the fundamental tools and extended techniques for planar tracking, including tracks mattes and when to use the Uberkey. Then we kick it up for more complicated shots.

See the planning that goes in to deciding what to track

Use the unique qualities of the planar tracker to create "impossible" tracks

Make complex tracks simple, with track mattes

How the Curve Editor stops tedious keyframing work

Create complex track mattes and roto shapes in a fraction of the time

Learn the mantra "Track Once. Use Often"

"App Pack" Modules - A New Concept in mocha Training

mocha's target application flexibility is a huge feature. At Curious Turtle, we have tried to replicate that by creating a modular training course. The core six-hour mocha course is demonstrates how to get the tracking, roto shape and supplemental elements ready. We can then finish in a number of other applications.

Currently the Adobe After Effects module is available. Offering almost 3 hours of additional training, as we take the mocha results and complete our shots in After Effects.

Additional "app packs" will be made available in the near future for finishing in other programs.

Problem Solving not Button Pushing

Problems arise with every shot - finding the solution is normally more than figuring out which single button fixes it. This course does not use ideal demo footage, but real-world examples. Presenter, Ben Brownlee will walk you through the shots, encountering the same type of issues you face with your footage.

A quick list of the projects is:

Project 00 : Introduction and UI

Project 01a : Prefs and the First Track

Project 01b : Multiple Tracks

Project 02a : Stabilization - AdjustTrack

Project 02b : Further Stabilization

Project 03 : Extreme Rotation

Project 04 : Tracking Everywhere

Project 05 : Set Extensions

Project 06 : Object Removal

Project 07 : Forever Sunset

Project 08a : Roto Masterclass 1

Project 08b : Human Roto

Project 08c : Roto Masterclass 3


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