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本教程是由ImbueFX机构出品的UDK游戏引擎入门指南教程,时长:6小时39分,教程使用软件:UDK ,作者:Bill Kladis,文件大小:2.6 Gb,格式:MP4视频格式,英语。

UDK是Epic宣布对外发布UDK(the Unreal Development Kit)——虚幻3引擎的免费版本。  EGC(英佩数码)与合作伙伴GA国际游戏教育联合设立了中国首家虚幻技术研究中心,主要为了配合UDK在中国地区的推广,并为中文用户提供更多本地化支持与服务;以及向设立游戏动漫等相关专业的高等教育机构提供UDK和虚幻3引擎各方面的专业技术支持及教育解决方案,并将不断推出独家教程,旨在帮助具备美术或策划、程序等基本游戏开发知识的兴趣爱好者使用UDK开发出完整的游戏雏形,推动国内游戏研发力量的成长。  UDK不包含源代码,但包含了开发基于Unreal 3引擎独立游戏的所有工具,还附带了几个原本极其昂贵的中间件虚幻的开发工具包 (Unreal Development Kit)。虚幻3是一款商业3D引擎,为了鼓励游戏开发者使用,免费向用户提供UDK,爱好者可以用来创建非商业目的的独立游戏,也是商业引擎市场的一种营销手段,当你把游戏出售就需要交纳授权费用。UDK的功能非常的强大,使用了虚幻引擎3(Unreal Engine 3)的技术驱动,因其作为虚拟3的免费版,以其强大的功能能使用起来却非常容易。

ImbueFX Cascade The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Break through the VFX boundary inside of Unreal. The complete guide to creating VFX inside of UDK & Cascade.

About imbueFX

imbueFX is the only training site dedicated completely to VFX in games. Whether you already have your start in FX and are looking to refine your skills, or an absolute beginner trying to learn the ropes, imbueFX is here to teach you step-by-step the knowledge to get you started.


Nearly 7 hours of training aimed at getting anyone who wants to learn or refine their FX skills inside of UDK. Start at the very basics of particles in a game engine, avoid common technical and workflow mistakes that beginners often make, and learn about the most commonly used modules needed to make most FX. Also learn the key elements of a what makes a good effect, and texturing techniques to make particles from existing images and from scratch.

- Pt. 1: Introduction, Particles, & VFX Artists

- Pt. 2: The Cascade Interface

- Pt. 3: Core Modules

- Pt. 4: Material Basics for Particle Systems

- Pt. 5: Beyond the Core: Essential Modules

- Pt. 6: Meshes & Practical Application: Creating a Health Pickup

- Pt. 7: SubUVs, Flipbooks, and Subframe Blending

- Pt. 7 Bonus: Tips on Making a SubUV Flipbook

- Pt. 8: The Orbit Module

- Pt. 9: Ribbons & Spawn-Per-Unit

- Pt. 10: Fillrate, Overdraw, LODs, & Optimization


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