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本教程是由CGMW机构出品的黑暗巢穴环境绘画教程,时长:2小时24分,大小:1.0 Gb,格式:MP4视频,作者:Pakin Liptawat,语言:英语。

CGMW Intro to Background Design and Perspective

Imagine a beautiful castle with enormous spires, an underground super villain’s lair, or dark and grimy factory filled with ludicrous machinery. How do you take an idea for an environment and turn it into a drawing? This workshop will give the beginning designer the foundation needed to design environments and backgrounds.

Additionally, this workshop will be an introduction to background design techniques that will take you from the basics of perspective, sketching, composition to more advanced techniques using software such as Google Sketchup and Photoshop.

About CGMW

CG Master Workshops (CGMW) by CG Master Academy (CGMA) is an online community dedicated to helping artists develop and cultivate their creative talents. Filled with the best possible training around, our online demonstrations will help aspiring artists in their goals of becoming industry artists.

The workshops/classes are taught by the best in the industry; Individuals we like to call "Master's". These artists have years of experience and have worked for many of the major studios (including: Disney, Blizzard, DreamWorks, Pixar, Digital Domain, etc.) or renowned published artists, and are passionate about mentoring the next generation of artists. Our goal is to provide students with an environment that will help them retain the most from their education, in order to help them achieve their goals in becoming professional artists.

Instructor: Pakin Liptawat

Pakin Liptawat graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Design from the Art Center College of Design. With 15 years of professional experience, Pakin is considered an industry veteran. Having worked in many major animation houses and studios over the years, his credit list has become as extensive as his body of work. Everything from Parasite Eve, Fight Club, and Bulletproof-Fifty Cent, to The Batman and Generator Rex cartoon series, Pakin is an all around great artist.


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