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本教程是由cmiVFX机构出品的BodyPaint UV布局和纹理绘画教程,时长:3小时55分,教程使用软件:BodyPaint,大小:838 MB,MP4视频格式,作者:Chris Maynard,官方发布时间:2011年5月31日,语言:英语。

Maxon Bodypaint 3D已经成为标准的3D绘图工具,用于电影和游戏纹理管道中。以其稳定性和性能,在与第三方的3D和2D软件Autodesk Maya和Adobe Photoshop的应用系统集成领域里,Bodypaint有过人之处。 Bodypaint广泛的工具集,包括一个强大的绘画引擎投影使其成为首选的绘画工具在3D纹理表面。

Maxon BodyPaint3D是当前最为终极的CG创作三维纹理绘制以及UV编辑的解决方案之一,它的独创的RayBrush/Multibrush等技术完全更改了历史的陈旧的工作流。

cmiVFX BodyPaint UV Layout And Texture Painting

BodyPaint 3D offers complete control over your textures with layers, filters and tablet support while working in 3D. Multichannel stroke support allows for painting across many channels at once while working in the 3D View. Maxon’s RayBrushTM technology lets you view the results of your painting in real-time without ever having to hit the render button.

Projection Painting in BodyPaint 3D allows you to virtually tattoo across UV seams and objects. Laying out UV’s couldn’t be easier in BodyPaint 3D. This software includes three automatic UV unwrapping algorithms, including the new Optimal Cubic Mapping system.

BodyPaint is included in Cinema 4D or as a stand alone application. Either way you use it, it becomes a powerful translator, albeit a bridge, between multiple CG applications. If you haven’t learned how to use BodyPaint, then your only half way there!


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