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CGMW Dynamic Sketching 1

Basic drawing skills. You will learn how to break down objects to their most simplistic forms by going through drawing exercises, and developing them on paper. Using pen and toned paper, you will learn to build confidence in your line work.


Week 1: Warm ups exercises for drawing and materials introduction.

Week 2: Study of Organic forms, contour lines and texture description.

Week 3: Analysis of Geometric forms, basic perspective and shadows studies.

Week 4: Careful study of how the previous five forms create an interrelationship to describe the subject matter with more line work.

Week 5: Use of markers and Additional materials to create better sense of depth, volume and textures.

Week 6: Arboretum trip, drawing organic forms from observation at location.

Week 7: Redesign. Introduction of how to interpret different references to improve your original concepts.

Week 8: Recap, and beyond?


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