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本教材是由CG Cookie机构出品的个性卡通角色概念艺术绘画教程,教程使用软件:Photoshop与Gimp,大小:1.30GB,语言:英语,。

GIMP的定义 GIMP 是跨平台的图像处理程序。GIMP 是 GNU 图像处理程序(GNU Image Manipulation Program)的缩写。包括几乎所有图象处理所需的功能,号称Linux下的PhotoShop。GIMP在Linux系统推出时就风靡了许多绘图爱好者的喜爱,它的接口相当轻巧,但其功能却不输于专业的绘图软件;它提供了各种的影像处理工具、滤镜,还有许多的组件模块,对于要制作一个又酷又炫的网页按钮或网站Logo来说是一个非常方便好用的绘图软件,因为它也提供了许多的组件模块,你只要稍加修改一下,便可制作出一个属于你的网页按钮或网站Logo。


CG Cookie Stylized Character Concept Art The Software Brothers

Hello and Welcome to this Exclusive short Training Course on how to create a stylized character in both the softwares, Photoshop and Gimp.

In this series, we go through and concept out the stylized character software brothers, Photoshop and Gimp. Through this course, Tim Von Rueden will give you a complete run-through on how to create and concept these two characters first in Photoshop CS5, then in open source software Gimp 2.8, using a Wacom Intuos4 tablet.

What is this Course all about?

After the interview with Cameron Davis and reading the new OZ graphic novels with the wonderful art done by Skottie Young, I have been wanting to do a character series that wasn’t focused on realism but rather creating characters that are stylized and fun.

This course is great for beginners because I am only using the circle hard edged brush to complete both pictures. I am not doing any fancy color work or shading. I am using a two-tone color shading and the focus is bringing life and personality into these characters with limited tools and techniques and still having them look awesome! This short series on creating a stylized character will go through setting up the line art, and then coloring them in two separate tutorials in both the softwares, Photoshop and Gimp. Both very similar to each other but I wanted to show that since the tools are practically the same, the software doesn’t really matter. Then In the last video and combine the two characters into one canvas to finish it off.


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