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本视频教程是由cmiVFX 机构出品的Assimilate Scratch特效制作流程视频教程,时长:2小时25分,大小:980 MB,格式:MP4视频,教程使用软件:Assimilate Scratch,作者:Mike Burton,官方发布时间:2012年7月16日,语言:英语。。

在本教学中CMIVFX与MIKE BURTON将带领你学习如何为CG部门处理镜头,还有进行一些通常的特效制作,例如对象移除,绘制变形效果,产生颗粒感等后期特效处理。对于你的电影镜头来说你可以使用SCRATCH来完成很大一部分的操作,不仅仅只是使用它来合成你的镜头,而是让它成为你整个制作流程的核心力量,还能够进行特效镜头的处理。

cmiVFX Assimilate SCRATCH VFX Processing Techniques

cmiVFX continues to rattle death blows to the stagnant high end VFX training market with yet another KICK-ASS bombshell of a video. This time we follow up with a killer sequel to our first Assimilate SCRATCH Volume 1 video by putting SCRATCH through its paces. Ever wonder if you can start in a finishing app and finish in a starting app? Well look no further! cmiVFX and Mike Burton take you through the network of post production in a complete circle of events. Learn how to process shots for CG departments as well as perform common VFX tasks such as object removal, paint restoration, grain generation, post effects and more! You don’t even need to leave SCRATCH anymore with a large portion of your films shots. Let SCRATCH be the backbone of your entire pipeline by not only assembling your shows, but processing effects shots as well. When it comes to managing tons of high resolution effects shots, Mike Burton knows all the tricks to save time and money all while working in realtime with a client staring at the back of your head. Time is money, and this video will teach you how to create a virtual time machine to get your clients in and out of your office faster and with a smile on their face! Buy this video now, and start being a hero today!

Short Description:

Michael Burton solves with SCRATCH several situations that are not usually achievable within a live session. Clean plate creation, compositing, restoration and more are offered in this excellent workshop. ASSIMILATE SCRATCH is much more than grading software.

《数字电影后期制作工具破解版》Assimilate SCRATCH v6.1.723 Win/Mac XFORCE


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