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3ds Max 2012提供了强大的全新渲染工具集,加速的迭代工作流程,以及增强的互操作性,这些都可以从整体上极大的提升你的制作效率。

Digital-Tutors : Creative Development: Mixed Modeling Techniques in 3ds Max 2012

10 hrs. 11 min.| Released on August 1, 2011|Project Files Included (32 MB)

Required Software: 3ds Max 2012

In this collection of videos we learn several modeling techniques in 3ds Max 2012.These videos will delve in such modeling techniques as spline modeling, polygonal modeling, and sub divisional surfaces. Through these techniques we are going to create a highly detailed steam locomotive model. We will also be exploring some of the graphite modeling tools and their functionality while modeling. All the while keeping an emphasis on the importance of scene management in a production environment.

76 videos in this course

1. Introduction and Project Overview

2. Basic scene set-up in 3ds Max, Layer Management

3. Modeling of main boiler model

4. Refining the boiler model

5. Modeling front boiler hatch

6. Naming and refining front boiler hatch

7. Modeling of rear boiler section

8. Further development of rear boiler model

9. Positioning and refining of rear boiler section

10. Modeling smoke stack and conforming mesh

11. Modeling top portal, conform brush introduction

12. Modeling second Boiler Portal

13. Modeling of locomotive bell components

14. Modeling headlight and brackets

15. Modeling headlight shade

16. Detach headlight lense, model front license plate

17. Headlight acess door modeling

18. Poly modeling of front and side lamps

19. Refine and develop lamp models

20. Modeling of lamp mounting brackets, creation of selection sets

21. Laying out splines for the locomotive chassis

22. Continued development of the chassis using spline booleans

23. Spline boolean subtraction, refinement of the chassis

24. Continued development of the chassis using spline booleans

25. Modeling of smaller chassis components

26. Modeling of the front bumper

27. Modeling chassis cross sections

28. Modeling of leaf spring assemblies

29. Modeling of all hardware

30. Poly modeling of pipe clamps

31. Modeling of rivets, layer management

32. Placing hardware along model's surface, aligning pivots

33. Creation and placement of steam lines

34. Placement of clamps along steamline

35. Modeling/confoming side hatch on boiler and side nameplate

36. Connecting multiple splines to create complex shapes

37. Modeling and placement of side steps

38. Modeling of side tank along boiler

39. Modeling support straps for tank model

40. Modeling of additional tank component and additional elements

41. Adding hardware to the boiler surface

42. Modeling of ladders

43. Modeling of main drivetrain component

44. Model additional elements for the main drive train component

45. Modeling of front platform and front bumper cover

46. Modeling of connecting tube between boiler and drivetrain placement of hardware

47. Modeling of the locomotive cabin walls

48. Modeling of floor and roof models for the cabin

49. Modeling of additional detail elements for the cabin

50. Poly modeling of the large locomotive wheels

51. Poly modeling of the smaller locomotive wheels

52. Poly modeling of the brake arm

53. Modeling of brake shoes

54. Modeling and placement of axels and pins

55. Modeling and placement of leaf spring connecting hardware

56. Modeling of drivetrain component

57. Modeling of drivetrain guide

58. Modeling of drivetrain linkage

59. Modeling large linkage element

60. Detailing of large linkage element

61. Modeling placement of front hatch hardware elements

62. Modeling and placement of front hatch hinges

63. Modeling of Hinge arms

64. Modeling of front steam pipe, placing of hardware

65. Modeling of boiler straps

66. Modeling of boiler support trusses

67. Cloning and placement of boiler support brackets

68. Modeling of main rear chassis component

69. Modeling of smaller rear chassis components

70. Modeling of chassis clamp

71. Modeling of the main cow catcher components

72. Adding additonal hardware to the cow catcher

73. Creating conforming steam lines with the topology/splines Graphite Modeling Tools

74. Modeling of pull string and supports

75. Modeling of small cabin components

76. Recap and additional comments


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