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3ds Max 2012制作景观空间高级训练教程,附工程源文件,时长:1小时34分,使用软件:3ds Max 2012。

3dsmax是当前世界上销售量最大的三维建模,动画及渲染解决方案,它广泛应用于视觉效果,角色动画及下一代的游戏开发领域。至今3dsmax获得过65个以上的业界奖项,为下一代影视、游戏、动画设计提供交互图形界面。3dsmax是业界应用最广的建模平台并集成了新的子层面细分(subdivision)表面和多边形几何建模,还包括新的集成动态着色(ActiveShade)及元素渲染(Render Elements)功能的渲染工具。同时3dsmax提供了与高级渲染器的连接,比如mental ray和Renderman,来产生更好渲染效果及分布式渲染。

Digital-Tutors 3ds Max Reference Library: World Space Modifiers 10/03/2011 | 3ds Max 2012 | Author: Joshua KinneyDuration: 1h 34m | Video: VP6 (.flv) 1280x720 | Audio: MP3 44.1KHz mono | 510 MBLanguage: English | Level: BeginnerGenre: Video Training

In this series of lessons we will take an in depth look at the world space modifiers in 3ds Max. Each video in this course is a self-contained lesson centering on one of 3ds Max's world space modifiers. This means that these lessons can be viewed in any order you wish, allowing you to jump straight to the content that is most beneficial to you. Over the course of these lessons we will discuss all of the parameters and options found in 3ds Max's world space modifiers.


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