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本视频教程是由3dluistutorials机构出品的AutoCAD建筑设计技巧视频教程第一季,3Dluistutorials DVD Exteriores Vol.1 Spanish,大小:3.41 GB,MP4高清视频格式,附工程源文件,语言:西班牙语。。

AutoCAD 2013是Autodesk公司出品的CAD软件,借助AutoCAD,你可以安全、高效和准确地和客户共享设计数据。您可以体验本地DWG格式所带来的强大优势。DWG是业界使用最广泛的设计数据格式之一,您可以通过它让所有人员随时了解您的最新设计决策。借助支持演示的图形、渲染工具和强大的绘图和三维打印功能,您的设计将会更加出色。

3Dluistutorials DVD Exteriores Vol.1 Spanish

This DVD is intended for all persons of low / medium in 3ds Max. Duration of approx. 400 minutes in HD. In this training we undertake an architectural project from Autocad to Photoshop. In the process they can learn tricks and techniques for modeling, import Autocad drawings, textured handle, learn different types of lighting and postproduction including some tips on how to add people in our renderings.


Topics included:

1 Introduction to DVD

2 From Autocad to 3ds Max

3 Camera Match

4 Modeling the building

5 Modeling Accessories

6 Texturing

7 Vray Physical Camera

8 scene lighting and other lighting examples

9 Post Production


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