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本视频教程是由cmiVFX机构出品的Fusion蒙版绘画视频教程,cmiVFX Fusion 3D Matte Paintings,时长:2小时,大小:550 MB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Fusion,作者:Chris Maynard,官方发布日期:1999年11月30日,语言:英语。。

Fusion 是eyeon公司旗舰产品,该产品是eyeon公司强有力的合成器,使用了新的图形引擎,能够将整体性能提升一个台阶并能更使得内存使用效率提高,可以在每一个像素上以8bit,16bit或者以浮点方式来运行。创建以时间线为基础的缓存实时播放的部分。 。

Fusion 包含了许多新的特点及增强的工作流程。具有真实的3D环境支持,是市场上最有效的3D粒子系统。通过3D硬件加速,你现在可以在一个程序内就可以实现从Pre-Vis到finals的转变。eyeon's Fusion 是真正的2D和3D协同终极合成器。

利用eyeon **性的集群技术可以通过网络扩展富有传奇色彩的计算性能。Fusion 的网络渲染一直以来与其他批处理渲染技术相比属于高端技术的应用。强劲有力的集群技术,能够将多台工作站有效的连接组成高级的网络工作环境,通过网络render farm的聚合处理能力,整个环境能够连续的按照次序渲染工作任务。

cmiVFX Fusion 3D Matte Paintings

3D Matte Painting Extractions are a now common process in the visual effects industry. The technique for matte paintings and 3d extraction have been around for years, but normally found in a 3d animation package like Maya, XSI, or Cinema 4D. Since version 5.0 of Eyeon’s Fusion compositing application, 3d tools have been available to generate 3d style composites. With the latest release of Fusion, additional tools have been introduced in order to assist in the workflow of using 3d projections utilities such as the “Projector” and “Camera”. As usual, we show several different methods for achieving your goals so that you can apply your learning to your own personal projects. We included a 2k matte painting with a solid plate and in 20 different layers to assist you with the time it takes to prepare your materials for the composites. There is no doubt about it, we created the perfect environment and digital assets to get you into this project no matter what path you decide. We include a project file with the new PAW projection tool in 5.3, but heavily rely on the traditional tools inside of Fusion with the other variations.


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