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本视频教程是由ToonboxStudio机构出品的男性卡通角色绘画视频教程,ToonboxStudio Draw Slim Male Characters,时长:4小时,大小:595 MB,MOV高清视频格式,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6,AfterEffects, 共5个章节,语言:英语。。

Alias SketchBook Pro 专业版 是一款新一代的自然画图软件,软件界面新颖动人,功能强大,仿手绘效果逼真,笔刷工具分为铅笔,毛笔,马克笔,制图笔,水彩笔,油画笔,喷枪等,自定义选择式界面方式,人性化功能设计,绝对是绘画设计爱好者的最佳选择。

这是一款漂亮的绘画工具,使用备受赞誉的Autodesk SketchBook Pro,自由发挥您的创造力。只需轻触笔尖,您就可以按自己的方式使用此款业界最强大的绘画和绘图工具集。此款灵活的高品质应用程序提供基于手势且友好的用户界面,此界面构建于Alias已获专利的 Marking Menu技术基础之上。

荣获美国电影艺术与科学学院奖项的Alias SketchBook Pro是一款身材小巧的高品质渲染应用工具,专门用于平板电脑和数字化平板,其特点在于其围绕Alias专门的Marking Menu 技术开发的友好的、基于手势的用户界面。用笔轻点你就能使用该软件的顶尖工具:快速反应铅笔;标记笔和喷枪;随笔移动的图层;背景模板;一个可容纳30笔画的撤消/重复功能;以及一个独特的全景/缩放工具。

ToonboxStudio Draw Slim Male Characters

Learn how Paris Christou designs the “SLIM MALE CHARACTERS!” with over 4 Hours of video footage and commentary.

The Characters in this course are based on a young teenage Hero who works back stage at a theatre who then finds out that the Villain, “a crazy magician” has enslaved many bunny rabbits to pull out of a hat in every magic show he performs. Having pre-planned the characters and personalities for a story…. makes life very easy for a character designer to start developing. Paris Christou takes all the imaginative information of each character and demonstrates the stages to design the Hero and the Villain.

The videos are in HD .mov for Quick Time Player but can be played in most common players. The software used to demonstrate is Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

but you can also follow along with any major artistic software or your traditional pencil and paper. The course is in english and downloadable to your computer only.


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