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本视频教程是由Digital-Tutors机构出品的3dsMax 2015基础核心训练视频教程,Digital-Tutors Introduction to 3ds Max 2015,时长:5小时39分,大小:4.76 GB,MP4高清视频格式,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:3ds Max 2015,作者:Multiple Authors,共113个章节,语言:英语。

3D Studio Max,常简称为3ds Max或MAX,是Autodesk公司开发的基于PC系统的三维动画渲染和制作软件。其前身是基于DOS操作系统的3D Studio系列软件,最新版本是2013。在Windows NT出现以前,工业级的CG制作被SGI图形工作站所垄断。3D Studio Max + Windows NT组合的出现一下子降低了CG制作的门槛,首选开始运用在电脑游戏中的动画制作,后更进一步开始参与影视片的特效制作,例如:《X战警II》,《最后的武士》等。


Digital-Tutors Introduction to 3ds Max 2015

This in-depth tutorial is designed to help you get a solid understanding of the core features found in 3ds Max, and help you to ease your transition into this very powerful program. So during the course of these lessons, you’ll have a chance to learn about different aspects of 3ds Max from several of our instructors here at DT.

Digital-Tutors is the worlds largest resource for Autodesk training, and over the years, we’ve had the honor and the privilege of teaching some of the top artists and studios all around the world. And for the next several hours, we’ll be giving you the most structured, well-rounded, and easiest to follow 3ds Max training that you’ll be able to find anywhere.

In the first portion of this tutorial, we’ll be getting you familiar with some of the vocabulary and foundational skills that you’ll need in order to begin moving around and working in 3ds Max. From there, we’ll move into exploring some of the modeling features found in 3ds Max, and we’ll begin building the mech that will be our central project for the remainder of this course.

From there, we’ll take you through the entire process of adding textures and materials to the mech, adding animated movement and animation controls, adding dynamics, and finally we’ll learn how to add lights, shadows, and output our final animated sequence.

This training is designed for new 3ds Max users, so our goal is not to weigh you down with a lot of technical information. Instead, we want you to form some really good habits and workflows – getting to see the entire start-to-finish pipeline for this project – and by the end of this tutorial, we want you to be at a point where you can feel very comfortable using 3ds Max.

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