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本视频教程是由cgmasters机构出品的Blender艺术设计大师班训练视频教程,CG Masters Master It Vol 1 & 2  Fundamentals,时长:18小时,大小:9.1 GB,MP4高清视频格式,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:Blender 2.6x,语言:英语。


CG Masters Master It Vol 1 & 2  Fundamentals

CG Master Christopher Plush is proud to present the first installments of the brand new Master It series, a series dedicated to teaching you to master every part of Blender! These first two volumes on fundamentals and advanced fundamentals are sold as a set for the price of one DVD, and with 18 hours of training and a massive features list this is the ultimate guide to using Blender!

From building a toon house and an acoustic guitar from scratch, to destroying a set of bowling pins with a cannon and much more, not only will these DVDs teach you the tools you need to know but it’ll put your new knowledge to use with fun and comprehensive projects. This DVD course will thoroughly guide you through every main aspect of Blender, teaching you all the essential tools you need to know to bring all of your ideas to life. This is truly an ultimate guide for anyone looking to learn more about Blender!

CG Master Aidy Burrows also makes his debut in volume 2 teaching you how to use the new Cycles renderer! Scroll down and check out the massive feature and chapter lists below to see every topic covered in this course!

Read Terry Wallwork’s review on – “Two volumes of training videos at this price, with this level of quality, it’s a good choice” – Review Score 90%



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