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本教程是由storenvy机构出品的经典角色设计绘画技巧视频教程,The Art of Character Design Volume 2 with David Colman,时长:4小时,大小:1.6 GB,AVI高清视频格式,作者:David Colman,共5个章节,语言:英语。

The Art of Character Design Volume 2 with David Colman

This is the second DVD in the collection with a new series of demos and videos of characterdesign mechanics that are essential to becoming a strong competent character designer in the entertainment industry.This second collection in the series were all shot in a live classroomas well as a studio setting.Watch David and draw along with him as he discusses not only his application techniques but also his thought processes and approaches to character design. Manyvaluable techniques and humorous antics that all artistic levels will benefit from. With almost 4 hours of demos this DVD is a great addition to everyone’s library. This DVD covers topicssuch as Narrative Costume Design, Capturing Expression, Character Staging and many more.



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