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本视频教程是由Digital-Tutors机构出品的SolidWorks风车水泵齿轮制作训练视频教程,Digital-Tutors Methodically Designing a Spur Gear in SolidWorks,时长:2小时27分,大小:830 MB,格式:MP4高清视频,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:SolidWorks,共15个章节,作者:Chris Scarlett,语言:英语。

SolidWorks为达索系统(Dassault Systemes S.A)下的子公司,专门负责研发与销售机械设计软件的视窗产品。达索公司是负责系统性的软件供应,并为制造厂商提供具有Internet整合能力的支援服务。该集团提供涵盖整个产品生命周期的系统,包括设计、工程、制造和产品数据管理等各个领域中的最佳软件系统,著名的CATIAV5就出自该公司之手,目前达索的CAD产品市场占有率居世界前列。


Digital-Tutors Methodically Designing a Spur Gear in SolidWorks

In this SolidWorks tutorial we’ll cover the calculations and methods of modeling a pair of spur gears that is used in a windmill water pump engine.

We’ll begin this tutorial with a brief tour of the finished spur gear pair assembled onto a mounting stand while demonstrating how these two gears work together.

After exploring an Excel spreadsheet of gear calculations we’ll then insert these values into a design sketch which will be used to drive the major features of each gear of our spur gear pair. To speed up the design process we’ll then apply some design automation by embedding SolidWorks equations and global variables into some Smart Dimensions so that multiple gear designs can be created in just a few minutes.

In the end we create both our pinion and wheel gears of the windmill engine, assemble them together with our mounting stand then make them work along with a discussion of potential modifications that can be made to optimize our design.

Ultimately, you’ll be leaving this SolidWorks training, not only with a good understanding and appreciation on how a spur gear pair is created, but also with a model that can be used for various other spur gear applications of your own design.



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