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本视频教程是由Rippletraining机构出品的Final Cut Pro X色彩校正技术训练视频教程,Ripple Training Color Correction in Final Cut Pro X,时长:8小时31分,大小:1.2 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Final Cut Pro X,共52个章节,作者:Mark Spencer,语言:英语。

Final Cut是苹果推出的一款非线编软件,原生64位软件,基于Cocoa编写,支持多路多核心处理器,支持GPU加速,支持后台渲染,可编辑从标清到4K的各种分辨率视频,ColorSync管理的色彩流水线则可保证全片色彩的一致性。Final Cut Pro X、Motion以及Compressor三款软件可以配合使用,Final Cut类似于Adobe Premier用于剪辑,Motion类似于Adobe After Effects用于特效制作,Compressor用于视频导出转码。

Final Cut Pro X 在视频剪辑方面进行了大规模更新,新的Magnetic Timeline“磁性时间线”可令多条剪辑片段,如磁铁般吸合在一起。同样,剪辑片段能够自动让位,避免剪辑冲突和同步问题。Clip Connections片段相连功能可将B卷、音效和音乐等元素与主要视频片段链接在一起,Compound Clips可将一系列复杂元素规整折叠起来,Auditions则可将多个备选镜头收集到同一位置,循环播放来挑选最佳镜头。Final Cut Pro X为原生64位软件,基于Cocoa编写,支持多路多核心处理器,支持GPU加速,支持后台渲染,可编辑从标清到4K的各种分辨率视频,ColorSync管理的色彩流水线则可保证全片色彩的一致性。Final Cut Pro X的另一项主要革新是内容自动分析功能,载入视频素材后,系统可在用户进行编辑的过程中,自动在后台对素材进行分析,根据媒体属性标签、摄像机数据、镜头类型,乃至画面中包含的任务数量进行归类整理。

Ripple Training Color Correction in Final Cut Pro X

Visual storytelling needs focused emotion. Color editing is the best way to set mood, build tension, and evoke an emotional response from your viewer. In Color Correction in Final Cut Pro X, Mark Spencer teaches you the fundamentals of light and color theory, how to analyze video problems through Final Cut Pro’s Videoscopes, and the steps for correcting exposure, saturation, and luminance.

Cameras capture color differently than the human eye. Color Correction balances your project’s color themes and fixes whites and blacks giving them the consistency and realism needed for the eye to see what it was meant to see. In the tutorial’s Color Correction section you will learn: Final Cut Pro’s automated Color Match and Exposure Match effects; using the the Vectorscope, RGB Parade, and Chroma channels to manually adjust shots that require greater finesse; and the use of more advanced techniques like masks and mattes to isolate your primary and secondary color correction techniques.

Color Grading takes your creativity further by altering and enhancing color using atmosphere, tone, and mood. Use the Vectorscope to analyze the hue and saturation of skin tones. Color grade a night look into your scene, highlight the actor’s face to focus attention, and use gradient filters and feathering to completely alter the skyline of your exterior shots. Crush blacks and push contrasts to new levels, or go with a bleach bypass effect for a vintage feel. Save your color grade effects with presets and keyboard shortcuts, then apply those custom effects across multiple clips.

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