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本视频教程是由Gumroad机构出品的机甲战士概念绘画设计视频教程,Gumroad Mech Design Chapters 1 & 2 by Michal Kus,时长:5小时40分,大小:1.2 GB,MP4高清视频格式,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:Photoshop,作者:Michal Kus,语言:英语。


Gumroad Mech Design Chapters 1 & 2 by Michal Kus

In this concept design tutorial I will cover the important basics of how to approach a hardware design for the entertainment industry. Real time recording of quantity over quality sketches allow to explore one design in a lot of iterations. Exploring your design is the key to a succesful design!

you will get for FREE

– 2 hour video tutorial with some 30 min of voice explanation

– the psd file from the tutorial

– reference i used for this image

In this tutorial we will cover how we proceed with a design. We define and focus on 1 design picked from chapter 1, drawing it out in detail followed up by a render to show off its material, color use and a believable presentation.

you will get

– 4 hour video tutorial with voice audio.

– the psd files from the tutorial (line art & render)

– a second fully presented design as a bonus in psd



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