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本视频教程是由CartoonSmart机构出品的Flash金牌大师级动画制作视频教程,CartoonSmart Flash Animation Video Tutorial Bundle,时长:31小时,大小:6.7 GB,MP4高清视频格式,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:Flash,共5套系列教程,语言:英语。

Flash是由macromedia公司推出的交互式矢量图和 Web 动画的标准,由Adobe公司收购。网页设计者使用 Flash 创作出既漂亮又可改变尺寸的导航界面以及其他奇特的效果。Flash的前身是Future Wave公司的Future Splash,是世界上第一个商用的二维矢量动画软件,用于设计和编辑Flash文档。1996年11月,美国Macromedia公司收购了Future Wave,并将其改名为Flash。在出到Flash 8以后,Macromedia又被Adobe公司收购。Flash通常也指Macromedia Flash Player(现Adobe Flash Player)。

CartoonSmart Flash Animation Video Tutorial Bundle

This HUGE bundle of courses includes Conan Sinclair’s four popular “Tradigital Animation” courses along with a bonus course on 2D Character Rigging in Adobe Flash. Find out more about each course below. This collection is 31 hours in total!

1 This first session covers basic animation techniques applicable to any program you choose to animate with, but Conan does spend some time early on teaching a few of the tools within Flash that he will be using throughout this series of lessons.

2 Learn how to do a head turn animation, starting with two key poses, then work with timing, ease-in and out’s, and in-between frames.

3 Learn how to get more flexibility in your animation when going from one keypose to another.

4 This session covers dialogue animation using mouth shapes (or phonemes) and then the instructor brings in an audio file to sync an animation to.

5 This last session teaches how to clean up your animation, paint in a more polished, professional look to your frames, then include Layer effects to add a variety of styles to your final piece.

6 This lesson teaches the basics of how to make your body animations look real. In the cartoon world anything is possible, but there’s still some “rules” to play by. You can’t have joints bending every which way, and that’s one of the things this part looks into. The second half of this lesson teaches a simple animation exercise by making a body move from one side to another.

7 This part teaches how to animate a realistic jump, which is a great movement exercise to get an appreciation for weight.

8 Think about how often a character on TV gets up or sits down in a scene. In your own animations, you’ll find this a useful exercise to add some movement to a scene where your characters might otherwise only be talking.

9 The next few lessons focus on every animators favorite (or possibly most dreaded) sequence: the walk/run cycle. Conan teaches his method of breaking these down into four manageable key poses, which he then adds in-betweens to.

10 Runs are similar to walks in that you’ll learn to create four key poses of the cycle, but this time with a bounding motion to it, and the faster the run, the more of a lean is added to the character.

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