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本视频教程是由Lynda机构出品的Unreal Engine游戏环境场景完整实例制作大师级视频教程,时长:27小时,大小:29 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4, XNormal,作者:THIAGO KLAFKE,共25个章节,语言:英语。

Unreal Engine4虚幻游戏引擎是一款商业性的3D游戏开发引擎,是Epic数百位工程师、艺术家以及设计师的心血之作。不过这还只是开始,在C++代码中,你可以看到很多创新之处,比如支持Oculus VR、Linux系统、Valve公司的Steamworks和 Steam Box效果,并且可以使用HTML5在网页浏览器中开发游戏。虚幻引擎4基于DirectX 11,拥有新的材料流水线、蓝图视觉化脚本、直观蓝图调试、内容浏览器、人物动画、Matinee影院级工具集、全新地形和植被、后期处理效果、热重载(Hot Reload)、模拟与沉浸式视角、即时游戏预览、AI人工智能、音频、中间件集成等一系列全新特性。

Unreal Engine虚幻游戏引擎参与制作游戏有:《逃生》、《DMC鬼泣》、《死侍》、《失落的星球3》、《生化奇兵:无限》、《羞辱》、《战争机器:审判》、《杀手已死》、《勿忘我》、《Papa & Yo》、《忍者神龟:脱颖而出》等等。


Ever wanted to watch a game environment being created from scratch? Are you an aspiring environment artist working on your portfolio trying to break into the games industry? Or perhaps a seasoned industry veteran looking for ways to speed up your workflow? Or maybe you are just curious about how an environment is made... Then this series is for you!

This is not a tutorial per se. I'm not explaining every single click in minute detail. Rather, this is meant to be a full overview of my process. Every single step was recorded while I made this environment and now you can watch it in its entirety, in real time. Some experience is required to follow this. Basically if you can model simple objects and get them into Unreal 4 you are good to go.

This series contains a little over 27 hours of content. Not all of it is narrated, though audio commentary is offered in key parts. Included is a written manual explaining each chapter in detail.

Some of the topics covered:

* Modular environment design

* Creating simple PBR materials in Photoshop

* Baking simple tiling textures

* Simple prop modeling

* Lighting and Post-Processing

* My thoughts on environment creation

I also offer a free sample with the first few chapters if you want to check it out first.

Software used: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4, XNormal

In this package you will get:

* 24 videos (27+ hours of content)

* A comprehensive manual explaining each episode in detail.

* Brushes and scripts used

* My final Unreal 4 map settings

NOTE: The source files are NOT included in this package. They can be purchased separately on my store.

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