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本视频教程是由Gumroad机构出品的7部国外Anthony Jones大师手绘训练视频教程,时长:5小时,大小:390 MB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Photoshop,作者:GEORGIE BOY,共1个章节,语言:英语。



1. Facial Expressions 1

This 40 minute video tutorial will cover how to take simple ideas like a smiley face and turn that into an actual face that is smiling.

2. Drawing Lines and Painting Together

Video 1:

Techniques to draw, and paint using a combo of the brush and eraser.

Remember the purpose of your lines, then push with painting.

Do not get distracted with good marks, or bad marks, focus on the end goal.

Video 2:

Touch ups.

3. Gumroad – Anthony Jones – How To Approach Shape Painting

How to think of Shapes

Video 1:

The advantage of shape driven painting and designing.

Why people struggle with it, and how you can improve your shape based painting.

Video 2:

The reason I use it, and how I use it for client based work.

Speed can hold you back, It is already a fast process, so take your time.

The power of iterations.

Video 3:

Touch up and finish a picked painting.

4. Gumroad – Anthony Jones – Dark Princess Tutorial

In this 30 minute video I’ll cover how I painted the Dark Princess

Topic discussed:

Using the Soft Air Brush

Using the Hard Round Brush

How to combine the thinking between hard and soft edges.

Discuss how to lay in soft forms then harden them oppose to the more popular route which is starting with hard edges than softening them or OVER blending them.

Keep it loose so that you can make bold changes. This is just a sketch after all.

5. Gumroad – Anthony Jones – Mech Mermaid

This video tutorial I cover how to draw a Mech Girl Mermaid in around 30 minutes or so.

Talking points include:

Using the lasso tool + Airbrush

Staying loose, so the painting feels free

Avoiding over render to make it feel over worked and boring.

Allowing things to stay simple so you can focus on it in the color stage.

6. Gumroad – Anthony Jones – Illustration with Confidence

This video is a 45 minute video instructing you on how to make an effortless looking painting in photoshop.

Design before you paint

Think about every line/stroke

Make everything count

7. Gumroad – Anthony Jones – Lines to Painting

30 minute demonstration on how I take a basic line sketch to colored painting in photoshop CC. Covers how to manage layers, and when you should actually paint over your lines.

-Photoshop Brushes and tool presets

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