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本视频教程是由creativeLIVE机构出品的人物肖像摄影实战视频教程,creativeLIVE Commercial Portraiture with Joey L,时长:19小时20分,大小:7.04 GB,作者:Joey L.,官方发布日期:2013年4月9日,语言:英语。

creativeLIVE Commercial Portraiture with Joey L

Go on set with commercial photographer Joey L. and witness every crucial step that goes into creating his iconic portraits. Cinematic lighting techniques collaborate with onset special effects and post-production in Photoshop, creating truly stunning results. Joey’s 3 day course will follow the back bone of turning one’s vision into a reality. Often times, creative concepts are trapped inside our heads and never see the light of day. A creative idea must be balanced with hard work and technical execution to be brought into the world.


Session 1 April 29, 2013

Day 1 Pre-Show

9:00 am - Intro to Creating a Successful Photography Portfolio

11:00 am - Introduction to Joey's Work

1:00 pm - 'Seeing Light'

2:45 pm - Cinematic Lighting

Day 1 Wrap-Up

Session 2 April 30, 2013

Day 2 Pre-Show

9:00 am - Using One Light on Location

11:00 am - Using Two Lights on Location

1:00 pm - Using an Additive Approach to Lighting on Location

2:30 pm - Additive Approach to Lighting: Setting up a Group Shot

Day 2 Wrap-Up

Session 3 May 1, 2013

Day 3 Pre-Show

9:00 am - Retouching and Photoshop Post-Production Workflow

11:00 am - Blizzard Themed Pre-Production

1:00 pm - Blizzard Themed Shoot

Thanks + Credits

2:00 pm - Blizzard Shoot Retouching

Day 3 Wrap-Up


Joey L.

Joey L. is a Canadian commercial photographer, director and published author based in Brooklyn, New York. A sensitive observer of endangered cultures and traditions, Joey travels the globe creating dramatic portraits while giving the viewer a powerful insight into his subjects’ lives. His photo series range from Brooklyn, New York to Siberut, Indonesia; proof of an artist equally comfortable with the familiar and the exotic. His work is cinematic and contemporary – a fine art portrait approach to subjects once only seen in photojournalistic styles.

 SELECT COMMERCIAL CLIENTS: Coca-Cola, National Geographic, JWT, Doner, McGarry Bowen, Upshot, Cimarron Group, Verizon, Nickelodeon, History channel, FX Channel, Smirnoff, Pennzoil, Kawasaki, Summit Entertainment, Forbes, Services for the Underserved, The Government of Abu Dhabi


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