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本视频教程是由PluralSight机构出品的FormIt 360 Pro模型概念设计核心训练视频教程,时长:2小时16分,大小:700 MB,MP4高清视频格式,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:FormIt 360, FormIt 360 Pro,作者:Shane Foote,共21个章节,语言:英语。

PluralSight软件开发在线教育平台是美国的一家面向软件开发者的在线教育课程服务商,Pluralsight成立于2004年;专注在线下开班式的服务,直到2008年才转向在线教育。目前Pluralsight在全球100个国家服务超过20万个用户,提供超过400个在线课程。除了个人用户外,Pluralsight还提供为企业的培训服务。Pluralsight提供的课程类型包括:C#、jQuery、iOS与Android、Java、 Ruby以及包括设计、社会化媒体、NoSQL、商业智能和Salesforce等。在收费方面,Pluralsight会收取用户每月29美元,以获取其大量关于教程的视频、文章、以及其他资料等。此外,还有一项每月49美元的服务,即可以通过线下课程接受培训。


Have you ever wanted to produce a conceptual 3D model that would be loose and flexible, using an intuitive set of modeling tools that didn’t get in the way of your creative flow, and at the same time provided seamless transfer of data between software platforms such as Revit, Infraworks 360, Insight 360, and others? In this course, Introduction to Conceptual Design in Autodesk FormIt 360 Pro, you’ll learn how to produce a conceptual model of a pool and pool house, using the same skills required to produce any conceptual 3D model using a real-world project. First, you’ll set the stage for your conceptual model by specifying a geographic location, perfect for site analysis. Next, you’ll begin producing your conceptual model as you learn to place and mold objects into conceptual form. Finally, you’ll add materials preparing your model for presentation. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll not only be familiar with the fundamental skills necessary to produce conceptual models in FormIt 360 or FormIt 360 Pro, but you’ll also be able to apply those skills in producing highly informative conceptual models, geographically located, prepared for site and energy analysis, and ready for presentation. Software required: FormIt 360, FormIt 360 Pro.

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