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本视频教程是由fxphd机构出品的单反高清电影拍摄全面训练视频教程,fxphd DOP210 DSLR Cinematography,大小:3.78 GB,MOV高清视频格式,共10个章节,语言:英语。


fxphd DOP210 DSLR Cinematography

Every day more and more productions are exploring the use of high end DLSR for HD video. Stu Maschwitz rejoins the team and the guys in Tokyo to give the most comprehensive guide to the new phenomenon of DSLR cinematography. In this course we will cover:

What it takes to shoot cinematically with camera such as the Canon 5D MkII

How to shoot for post

Tricks and techniques for camera control and camera movement, including the Red Rock Micro and the Mini-Steadicam

Compression and camera settings recommendations, covering 24P, Manual settings, Tricks of compression etc.

Rules of thumb for evaluating what camera and lenses you need

Color grading DLSR video footage for Hollywood professional looks

Sensor and optical 'behind the scenes' including rolling shutter

reviews of 720 P with the Nikon D90, Full HD with the Olympus PEN, Panasonic GH1 and the Canon 5D MkII

Mostly shot in Tokyo and Kyoto, but as a special event later in the term, we will go on base with the US Army 55th Combat Camera Unit to look at the Canon 5D Mk II in war zone correspondent use, an unparalleled and unprecedented chance to see how these cameras are used in the most dangerous and unforgiving environments imaginable. Literally, we hope to have Stu and John putting the camera through its paces with Blackhawk helicopters and some of the bravest cameraman and women in the world with the US Army's Canon 5D Mk II specialists. A rare honor, and one we are most appreciative to have the chance to bring you.

class syllabus

Class 1: Establishing the pro's and con's of DSLR cinematography and getting outside to shoot on the streets of the Ginza district in Tokyo with the 5D mk2.

Class 2: Part of the Ginza shoot post workflow and looking at the difference between the main camera's in the DSLR cinematography market.

Class 3: Shooting on the sly in the Tsukiji fish market and how to shoot with grading in mind. Stu walks us through grading in AE with Magic Bullet.

Class 4: Shooting on the busy streets in Harajuku, Stu discusses lenses and lens choices and how they effect composition and storytelling.

Class 5: Dealing with camera mobility and adding virtual weight to your shots.

Class 6: Using optical filters vs digital filters in post and the problem of rolling shutter.

Class 7: DSLR Accessories and Plural Eyes workflow with some audio cleanup.

Class 8: Using the 5D Mark II in rugged and combat situations. With 1st Lieutenant Tyler Ginter of the US Army 55th Signal Company

Class 9: A technical look at the files produced by DSLR's including image quality, processing, and keyability.

Class 10: A continuation of a keying example from last week, a discussion of the Canon 5d vs. 7d, a look at the new Magic Bullet Mojo plugin, and a wrap up conversation with Stu. Plus, a bonus class looking at ND filters and Canon 7D settings, both default and custom.

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fxphd DOP210 DSLR Cinematography


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