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本教程是由Ctrl+Paint机构出品的绘画技法-大纲工作表视频教程,Ctrl+Paint Observation to Imagination Worksheets,大小:119 MB,格式:MP4高清视频,语言:英语。

Ctrl+Paint Observation to Imagination Worksheets

Do you want to improve your drawing technique? This set of 40 worksheets is an opportunity to do just that. It’s designed to follow along with the videos in Observation to Imagination, though it can stand alone as well.

Broken into five categories, the assignments are similar to a class syllabus. They are designed to be followed in order, and build upon one another – slowly increasing the difficulty. With 40 assignments in total, there is a large amount of work to proceed through, though the deadlines are totally up to you. Each worksheet is a .PDF file which can easily be printed, and is designed for either digital or traditional media.

Important Note: This is not a class, so does not include offering grades, reviews, or class credit. I will not review completed assignments. Instead, it’s designed to provide a structure for your personal studies . Have fun with it!


Form (8 worksheets)

Perspective (8 worksheets)

Light (8 worksheets)

Material (8 worksheets)

Composition (8 worksheets)


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