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本教程是由Visualarium机构出品的艺术解剖学人体绘画视频教程,Visualarium Artistic Anatomy with Rey Bustos,大小:6.3 GB,附原始参考文件,共10个章节,作者:Rey Bustos,语言:英语。

Visualarium Artistic Anatomy with Rey Bustos

The Best Anatomy Teacher In LA Rey Bustos’ one of, if not the BEST Anatomy Teacher in LA, CA! Rey’s ability to communicate complex ideas in easy to understand and retain ways makes him by far one of, if not the best Anatomy instructors working out there today! If you’re an artist, ANY kind of artist, you should DEFINITELY check out this guy’s beautiful work & take his class! The class is for anyone who wants to improve their artwork. It doesn’t matter if you use pen and paper, oil and canvas, ZBrush and wacom or coloring books!

This course will teach you artistic anatomy and then teach you how to apply your new knowledge to re-creating old master drawings. In short, this class is for anyone who likes to draw or render the human form.


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