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本视频教程是由CGMA机构出品的人体绘画大师视频教程合辑,CGMA Analytical Figure Drawing 1 & 2,时长:24小时39分,大小:2.82 GB,作者:Michael Hampton,语言:英语。

CGMA Analytical Figure Drawing 1 & 2

Part 1:

As students continue to develop a basic skill set throughout this course, a special emphasis will be placed on the understanding and application of those basics to the human figure. This course will emphasize a process based approach focusing on the analysis of form, construction, and perspective. This course will offer an in depth study of the figure and the surface anatomy while always maintaining a grounding in the artistic and principles of design.

Part 2:

This is the second Analytical Figure Drawing class offered through CGMA. As such, this course builds on the skills and information covered in the initial course, however challenges students to push those skills through the introduction of additional subject matter. In addition to covering parts not addressed in the first course (hand, feet, features, and drapery) this course will answer the basic question of “what to do with the figure?” This question will be put to the student through lectures on the execution/ use of tone and composition specifically.


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