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本模型是由Gumroad机构出品的Zbrush科幻质感随机纹理3D模型,Gumroad Greeble Pack Pro for Zbrush,大小:590 MB,格式:ZTL,Obj,JPEG,包含科幻质感随机纹理模型文件,共设计师学习使用。

Gumroad Greeble Pack Pro for Zbrush

Quick and Easy way to Generate Greeble Textures for your Models in Zbrush 4R7.

Whats Included

-Greeble Generator

Create Tillable Textures Easily by adjusting some Random Seeds on the Nanomeshes to make Unique Textures. You can generate Displacements, AO, Curvature, and Normal Maps. These Maps can also be used in other 3D Applications.

-Greeble Elements

Collection of 80+ Subtools for you to use in Your Projects.

-Sample Greebles

Handful of Textures created with the Generator for you to use

-Sample Objects

Handful of Objects showcasing how the Greebles could be Applied to your Projects. Just Load them in Zbrush and do a BPR to see the Results




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