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本模型是由Gumroad机构出品的超酷六足机器人零件3D模型,Gumroad Greeble Pack Pro for Zbrush,大小:590 MB,格式:ZTL,Obj,包含超酷六足机器人零件模型文件,共设计师学习使用。

Gumroad Hexapod Kitbash 3D Part

A hexapod model i created for fun a few years back, thought it might be a cool design element to use in your work as a kitbash part for robots or whatever else you might be working on. I included .OBJ’s of the full hexapod and one of the individual pistons and also a zbrush file of the main parts separated out. The model is decimated to keep the polycount down (its not clean quads or anything), but you can use ZRemesher or Dynamesh set to a high level to get the density back to edit/remix/detail further for your designs. Enjoy!


资源名称: 超酷六足机器人零件3D模型

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