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本模型是由Gumroad机构出品的机械零件从A到C工具包3D模型合辑第一季,Gumroad KitBash A-C Collection by David Lesperance,大小:150 MB,格式:Obj,mtl,max,包含机械零件模型文件,共设计师学习使用。

Gumroad KitBash A-C Collection by David Lesperance

This is part of a kit bash collection I am offering of SUB D models. Some models can use standard smoothing groups as well After purchase you can use these for production or private work. There are no UV’s with this. This is the .max file with the shaders and base lighting set up I used. No hdri is included with this. .Obj files will uploaded but not turbo smoothed so the files are a bit smaller. Obj normals may need to be adjust based on your 3d package. These models are used in my personal work so they are the way they are. Please take them and make them your own. Please note these where create with 3ds max 2014 so the max version needs to be that or above


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