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本PS模板是由Phlearn机构出品的100组超完美调色PS动作合辑,Phlearn Photoshop Actions Bundle,大小:520 MB,格式:ATN,包含100组超完美调色PS动作文件,为设计师提供精彩绝伦的灵感素材,使用软件:建议Photoshop CS4或以上版本。

Phlearn Photoshop Actions Bundle

Perfect your skills with the #phlearnmethod complete bundle! Use the power of over 100 Photoshop actions! Mix and match to create your favorite combinations. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with just a couple clicks!

Included in Your Download

Instant Texture Actions Pack

Light Leak Actions Pack

Fashion Color Actions Pack

Vintage Actions Pack

Basic Adjustments Actions Pack

Black & White Actions Pack

Retouching Actions Pack

Support video and documents teaching you how to get the most out of your #phlearnmethod Photoshop Actions

Sample images to practice using the actions on


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