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本PS模板是由GraphicRiver机构出品的美肤磨皮特效PS动作与脚本,Delicious Skin 2.0 Plugin for Photoshop,大小:6 MB,格式:ATN,ZXP,包含美肤磨皮特效PS动作与脚本文件,为设计师提供精彩绝伦的灵感素材,使用软件:建议Photoshop CS6或以上版本。

Delicious Skin 2.0 Plugin for Photoshop

Delicious Skin 2.0 is a set of tools for Adobe Photoshop that makes skin retouching a simple, painless process. It (almost) automatically smoothens skin and eliminates skin imperfections, while allowing you the control you need to keep things natural looking.

Technically speaking, its a pack scripts. Scripts are similar to Photoshop actions, but far more powerful. You can run these scripts through menu, included Photoshop actions or extension panel*.

- Extension panel is only available for Photoshop CS6.

Faster, easier, smarter retouching

Say good bye to tedious retouching techniqes and expensive, crappy actions and plug-ins.

Get the best skin healing and smoothing tool for Photoshop and join the happy photographers club.

Note: The Extension Panel is ONLY for CS6. The ATN files works in CS5, CS6 and CC


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