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FXHair主要是处理Maya Hair的模拟运算部分。号称可以在与身体作碰撞、加上风力场的情况下,以每三秒一个fram的效率处理3500个Curves(75000控制点)。

FXHair 2013 v1 For MAYA

FXHair robustly resolves collisions to fast moving objects. The stable simulation of hair dynamics allows the character’s hairs to be moved wildly without stretched hairs or any other artifacts.

Fast Hair-to-Hair Interaction

The accurate and fast self interaction between hairs is one of the most important features of FXHair. Without proper self interaction, the hairs look unnatural and no volumetric effect of hair clumps emerges.

Goal Curves

Fast moving characters are prone to make their hairs tangled up. FXHair provides the goal curve constraint which can control how strong the hairs are attracted to the shape of goal curves. The strength can be scaled along a hair curve, and this scaling profile can be set per-hair basis. Using goal curves, you can maintain given hairstyle even under strong wind or fast movements.


Crack Support:

Maya 2013 32 bit

Maya 2013 64 bit

Maya 2012 32 bit

Maya 2012 64 bit

Maya 2011 32 bit

Maya 2011 64 bit

Maya 2010 32 bit

Maya 2010 64 bit


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