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Pulldownit Pro Ver 1.7 for Maya 2009-2012 32Bit & 64Bit

Pulldownit! is a brand new dynamics solver which allows for the creation of fractures as well as massive rigid bodies simulations.

By using its technology digital artists are able to simulate fast and easily scenes made of thousands of objects and collapse buildings, bridges or any kind of brittle material.

Fast, accurate rigid bodies solver

The rigid body solver inside Pdi! is extremely fast and designed to handle massive scenes, that means thousands of objects in contact. its core is mathematically probed to conserve energy and it computes physically correct friction; all these issues together guarantee stable, accurate simulations, not objects flying away anymore!

Shatter It!, Voronoi-based pre-cutting

Shatter It! is the new pre-cutting tool of Pulldownit, it is Voronoi-based because this scheme has showed to be the best mathematical pattern for brittle fracture. Its technology allows to pre-cut a 3D model in hundred of shards in seconds, in addition the fragments generated plug easily in the Pulldownit solver to perform simulation in a fast and reliable way.

Fracture capabilities

The technology of fracture inside Pdi! is absolutely new and groundbreaking. It allows breaking apart any kind of brittle material like stone, glass or stucco. By using it digital artist are able to simulate the collapse of structures or terrain cracking in minutes. Not the least its easy setup and powerful stress tools allow for control in the creation of cracks and drive the simulation to the desired end.

Animation friendly

Pdi! is integrated in the most popular 3D packages, It catches the geometry from the viewports and computes the final result as animation keys, It allows to reset the simulation and start again as many as needed also tweaking parameters and resume simulation at any frame, in addition animated objects and characters are able to interact with the simulated ones.


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